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• All models can be housed indoors or outdoors.
• Capacities from 800 cfm to 12,000 cfm.
• It’s a self-contained Up Flow system with Vertically positioned filters which eliminates particulate re-entrainment
   and improves filter life.
• Efficiently removes moderate to large sized particles from the airstream through tapered cone design.
• Optional fans are self-cleaning, material handling, radial blades designed to deliver peak airflow at a lower horsepower
   to conserves energy.
• The centrifugal action of the Cyclone, created by rapid rotation of the high velocity air stream, forcibly precipitates
   the dust out through the bottom of the Cyclone and into a collection drum or hopper for the
   specific application.
• Standard dust storage capacities vary from 7.5 cu. feet to 60 cu. feet, with special hopper configurations available.
• Has no internal moving parts resulting in reduced maintenance.

Excellent choice for:
• Woodworking
• Buffing and polishing
• Powders (material handling)
• Rubber grinding
• Abrasive cutting
• Metal grinding
• Pre-cleaning (cartridge/baghouses)
• Material handling and pre-cleaning.