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EBM Series

The EBM Series Dust Collector is designed for continuous operation.

It’s a self-contained Up Flow system with Vertically positioned filters which eliminates particulate re-entrainment and improves filter life.
• Freestanding units can be installed individually or in conjunction with a booth.
• Various sized, self-supporting booth options are available to give workers ample working space.
• Modular, Compact Design permits proper sizing for each application.
• Front access dust drawers allow for ease of maintenance.
• Filters are easily accessed to facilitate fast replacement.
• Reverse jet pulse design optimizes filter cleaning and extends filter life.
• Requires no duct work, reducing installation cost.
• Application specific filter media maximizes efficiency.
• Recirculates clean air, eliminating the need for expensive make-up air.
• Relocation due to changes in plant layout is simple and cost effective.
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Excellent choice for:
• Removing airborne dust from multiple sources.
EBM with Damper