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Pre-Coat Feeder designed for dust collectors.

• 110 gallons / 15 cubic feet of Pre-Coat.
• Optional Extension Available for Larger Capacity.
• Unit uses a screw feeder design with a 15 cu. ft. Hopper.
• Feeder is adjustable for each application.
• Hopper will have a hinged lid with EZ Clamps.
• Hopper will have an intermittent pulse system on a timer for preventing bridging.
• Unit will use an AC Gear motor on a timer that will be adjustable for controlling pre-coat delivery.
• Unit will need to be connected to a normally open contact on the starter motor for the blower so when the blower is energized
   the contact closes and starts the Pre-Coat Machine.
• Unit will operate on 1/60/115V.
• Unit will be powder coated.

Excellent choice for:
• Dust collectors, increases filter life.