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Options Available
Designed and built for all duct sizes and airflow (CFM) requirements.
High temperature units up to 2000 deg F.
Stainless steel, corrosion and abrasion resistant options are available.
Sleeve/slip and rolled edge (for clamp together duct).
Extinguishes and cools; Specifically designed to extinguish sparks & embers, not just an air blender or mixer passed off as a spark suppressor.
Prevents fires & explosions in dust collection systems.
No maintenance (in most applications); no drop out collection point required.
In-line device, easy to apply, install and use.
No moving parts; static device, no power required.
Applied to welding, grinding, plasma / laser cutting, furnaces, burners, etc.
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The Spark Suppressor is a static device designed to significantly reduce the life and frequency of sparks reaching the filter media in industrial exhaust and pneumatic conveying systems.

• The Spark Suppressor conditions the process gas stream without relying on injection of water, chemicals, or retardants.
• The Spark Suppressor has no moving parts or electrical controls and has steel construction with black exterior powder coat.

Why Use This Product?

• Simple and effective.
• No messy water clean-up and no replacement of wetted filter media.
• Works great in water-reactive and water-incompatible applications.
• Great for light or heavy shower of sparks.
• Reduces water spray and deluge in existing water-based extinguishing systems.
• No sensors or nozzles, so no fouling/contamination.
• Insensitive to false electrical stimuli, surges and transients.
• Insensitive to humidity, temperature and illumination.
• Insensitive to emission spectra of sparks.
• No more spurious alarms.
• Great for virtually all applications.
• Reduces persistence of sparks.
• Reliable and predictable
• Suppressor has a Low pressure drop

Excellent choice for:
· Grinding applications
· Sanding
· Welding
· Spark Producing operations
· Cutting
· Laser and Plasma applications
There are yet no reviews for this product.
Selection Procedure

Selecting a SPARK SUPPRESSOR is a three step procedure. The first step is to identify the base model number. The second step is to verify the airflow. The final step is to complete the model number.

Step 1: Identify Base Model Number
The model number of the SPARK SUPPRESSOR corresponds directly to the connecting duct size. Therefore, if the duct size is 22", the corresponding base model number is Q030.

Step 2: Verify the Airflow
Using the sizing chart below, verify that the CFM of your system closely correlates to the CFM listed for the SPARK SUPPRESSOR selected. If there is significant variation between the CFM listed in the chart below and the actual system CFM, consult us.

Step 3: Complete Model Number
Use the model number detail graphic below to complete the product model number needed for the specific application (i.e., shape of duct, material of fabrication and mounting method).

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