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The Spark Suppressor is a static device designed to significantly reduce the life and frequency of sparks reaching the filter media in industrial exhaust and pneumatic conveying systems.

• The Spark Suppressor conditions the process gas stream without relying on injection of water, chemicals, or retardants.
• The Spark Suppressor has no moving parts or electrical controls and has steel construction with black exterior powder coat.

Why Use This Product?

• Simple and effective.
• No messy water clean-up and no replacement of wetted filter media.
• Works great in water-reactive and water-incompatible applications.
• Great for light or heavy shower of sparks.
• Reduces water spray and deluge in existing water-based extinguishing systems.
• No sensors or nozzles, so no fouling/contamination.
• Insensitive to false electrical stimuli, surges and transients.
• Insensitive to humidity, temperature and illumination.
• Insensitive to emission spectra of sparks.
• No more spurious alarms.
• Great for virtually all applications.
• Reduces persistence of sparks.
• Reliable and predictable
• Suppressor has a Low pressure drop

Excellent choice for: · Grinding applications · Sanding · Welding · Spark Producing operations · Cutting · Laser and Plasma applications