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WB Welding Booth

The WB Powered Welding Booth is a totally self contained Vertical Downflow system. It has a compact design that minimizes required floor space.

• Dual Unit is designed for 4,000 cfm @ 4” WG or 2,200 cfm @ 4” WG for Single Unit.
• Versatile Booths. Can be positioned side by side or back to back.
• Requires no ductwork, reducing installation time and cost. Fast set-up.
• Reverse jet pulse design optimizes filter cleaning and extends filter life, reducing maintenance costs.
• Recirculates clean air, eliminating the need for expensive make-up air. Saves on Heating and Cooling Costs!
• Hands Free Capture promotes Safety and Efficiency.
• Spark Baffle Inlet Plenum on both Booths.
• Integrated Acoustical Sound Dampening Lining in Blower Housing.

Excellent choice for:

• Capturing dust, smoke and fumes which helps in keeping a clean work environment.

WB Powered Welding Booth